Types of Health Care Assistant Roles You Can Have in the Health Care Field


The health care field is vast. There are thousands of people working in this field every day. Everyone in the field aims at providing some kind of service which helps to maintain the good health of people or help cure patients. Everyone who works in the field makes meaningful contributions. One type of professionals you can see in the field is the health care assistants. These health care assistants are there to help other medical professionals like their title implies.

When it comes to the health care assistants there are a couple of different kinds of roles they can play under that job. All of these people are important for medical professionals in the field.

Nursing Assistant

The nursing assistants are the professionals who support the nurses. These are usually people who do not directly care for the patients but are there to help with any tasks the nurses have to do. For example, they could be taking the temperature of the patients or checking their pulse all under the order of the nurses. They offer assistance to the nurses with the tasks they need to complete to take good care of patients.

Patient Services Assistant

We also have patient services assistants. These are usually people who work in hospitals or the doctor’s offices as professionals with an administrative and a customer service role. They are the people who usually are the first to meet or talk with the patients. For example, some patients would first make an appointment before they come to see a doctor.

It is usually the patient services assistant who will be making arrangements about these appointments. They are also the people who are there at the doctor’s office providing patients information about the doctor and directing them to the doctor at the right time. While they are not taking care of the patients, they have an important role to play as they are directly communicating with those patients. It is a job that comes with great responsibility. If you plan on taking on such a role you should follow one of the best PSA courses Melbourne has and get the proper qualifications.


Orderlies are also a type of health care assistants who are necessary to provide care for patients. Their tasks include things such as keeping medical equipment and the rooms clean as well as helping with lifting and turning patients. They also work under other medical care professionals to look after patients.

These are all different types of jobs a health care assistant can have in the health care field. Depending on the type of qualifications and the skills you have, you can get one of these jobs. However, you should always keep in mind that even though a health care assistant is there to help other medical professionals you have to be qualified to get even that role. Also, if you are someone who wants to be a part of the health care industry but have no specific profession in mind, health care assistant can be a good way to experience the industry.