Significance of Fences in Your Home


A poet once said, in building a fence; keep in mind what one was walling in and what one was walling out. This thought is basically what you keep in mind when you start building your home, your manor, or to romanticise it, your dream home.

The process goes that one should always do the paper works first. The permits and plans should always come at the beginning of the construction. There are many consequences in keeping the paperwork on the last part, which includes fines, dues, and even a poorly designed infrastructure, so one has to keep in mind that planning stages belong on the initial parts of house building.

After one has completed the necessary planning, then the building must commence. One also as to make sure to check the construction very now and then to ensure that what was planned must be followed down to the last detail, not doing so will cause more delay to the construction;

remember delays causes extra costs to the building. Lastly, after everything is done, one has to thoroughly think about the type of fence that one will be placed because it will coincide with the type of lifestyle that will have in living within that house.

Here are some points why fences are very significant in one’s home:


Fences serves as the structure that symbolizes one’s privacy needs. In communal communities for example, fences are greatly discouraged as the people living within these communes has higher level of openness to them thus, they forego the use of fences. But on the contrasting civilized societies fences are building with such intent that keeps the privacy of the homeowner.

In Chinese communities it is greatly observed that their houses are surrounded about by tall gates and fences that one cannot even see their house from the outside; it coincides with their lifestyle of traditionalism and conservatism that their fences represent it in such stern manner. One important thing to remember is that make sure you use a proper fencing contractor if you want to build such structure to ensure its quality.


Fences also serve as marker of perimeters for one’s estate. That being said, fences play a great role in terms of marking one’s own territory. In Asian counties for example it was observed that before starting on their house construction people usually build posts around the exact line of perimeter around their property as to ensure that they utilize the whole area of the land that they have. This perimeter fence will also serve as legal marker for one’s ownership of a land; an example would be siblings could make a perimeter fence around the certain extent of property that they will own.


Lastly of course fences are for the owner protection. Without fences people could just come and intrude in one’s area or house, this may be very problematic especially in areas where the people don’t respect the concept of privacy. A fence entitles one to the protection and preservation of one’s privacy and right of land.

As that poet mentioned from above has said, good fences make good neighbours.