Laser Hair Removal Treatment In Various Body Parts


Laser hair removal treatment is available and offered to individuals who want to get rid of unwanted hair. The treatment is usually availed for face, arms, legs and armpit. The procedure, the expected result and the duration of the treatment differ for these areas.

Face Laser Hair Removal

The skin in our face is amongst the most sensitive and since we could not hide our face when we go out, the possibility of a botched up face laser hair removal is scary, compared to arms that could be covered up with a jacket or a long sleeved shirt or the legs that could be hidden with pants or long skirt. There is a possibility of side effects after laser hair treatment and you have to be doubly careful when it comes to your face especially if you have sensitive skin and prone to infections and irritations.

It is actually possible to do a test on a small patch of skin to see how your skin would react to the lasers. Since the procedure would be done with the use of powerful lasers, make sure that you are wearing protective eye gear when you undergo face laser hair removal since there is a risk for eye injury. Fortunately, professionals at the SCCC abide by the safety procedures and ensure the safety of their staff and patients. Rest assured, and book your next appointment with The SCCC.

Arms Laser Hair Removal

Arms laser hair removal typically lasts for 10-15 minutes but the lighter your skin is, the easier and more efficient it would be. It is understandably difficult to have lighter skin in the arm since we tend to wear sleeveless or short sleeved shirts during summer, hence exposing our arms. But, if you are set in getting the hair on your arms removed, you would need to be reliable in making your skin lighter before the procedure.

Legs Laser Hair Removal

Patients undergoing laser hair removal often avail of the service for their legs. Since legs are considered to be one of the larger areas in the body for the treatment (similar to the back area), about 6 sessions are required to achieve desirable results. It is also costlier compared to other areas since over 1,500 pulses of laser is applied.

Armpits Laser Hair Removal

If you are tired of ingrown hairs and razor burns in your underarms, consider armpits laser hair removal. With the laser targeting the hair follicles, your pores would close and you would be left with smooth skin. No more shaving, hence no more razor burns and ingrown hairs that could lead to infection. Treatments for underarm hair would only take minutes and you could even have it done during your lunch break.

When it comes to our skin, it could be terrifying to avail of products and services that we are not sure of. If you are seriously considering laser hair removal treatment, consider professionals that are trained and skilled in using lasers and are knowledgeable with the various skin types. Ask family and friends who have done the procedure before and consider their recommendations.