Hobart Set to Spread Smoke-Free Zones, with Councilor Trying For Full City Ban

City Health

The Councilor is doing efforts in making the Hobart city a smoke-free zone. The banned areas in the CBD is increasing its size because the Hobart City Council has decided this change. There are estimated 70,500 people that are indulged in smoking as Tasmania has the second highest rate of smoking in Australia behind the Northern areas.

Helen Burnet who is the councilor behind that push is doing a lot of efforts in making the city a smoke-free zone and vape-free zone. She is trying to send the message to the public that smoking is injurious for health and she is trying to educate the people to avoid smoking.

So What is Proposed?

There are some areas in Hobart which are already smoke-free zones. These areas include Elizabeth Street Mall, Salamanca Square, and the bus mall. Now the planning committee has decided to extend the smoke-free areas. These areas are Collins, Murray, Liverpool and Argyle street. We can find bunches of smokers near the main entrance of Royal Hobart Hospital’s Liverpool Street Entrance.

Will There Be a Penalty?

The committee decided to send an encroachment notice and fine to the smokers. Helen Burnet said that it is sometimes very hard to find the smokers but the main purpose is to tell the people that you should not smoke in a particular area which is banned for smoking. She decided to put the signage so that people are aware of not to smoke in the smoke-free zone.

Is Hobart Doing Enough:

Hobart is not doing so well but the jurisdiction and other city councils are doing their efforts in making the Hobart, a smoke-free zone. Other city councils also introduced similar bans across malls and hospitals. They also banned the areas across the roads. As we have discussed earlier that there are already some smoke-free zones in Hobart and efforts are made in making the other areas smoke-free. People are not quitting smoking in Tasmania as a whole and are not fulfilling the targets and it was costing about $466 million a year.

What are People Saying?

There are so many people who realize the importance of good health and it can only be done by quitting smoking. These people said that we can also do our bit like a council to improve the environment of the streets and parks.

She said that people who are smoking in different areas should put the cigarette in the bin but they are putting it out all over the pavement.

So these people are making the pavement dirty. There are still some areas in Hobart like cafes and workplaces where smoking is still a legal thing and also the healthy people are affected by the people smoking in that area. As we all know that there is a big amount of tax on a pack of cigarette but the smokers do not think like that because they just think of the enjoyment they feel while smoking.

The councilor said that she sees the smokers so many times in the banned areas. She said that she will do her best to clean the areas from smokers.