Benefits Of Promoting Workplace Health


When proper attention is given to the health & safety of workers it gives out wide-ranging benefits, not only for the employer but for the employees as well. Let’s see what benefits can be enjoyed through the promotion of work place health.

What Benefits Can The Employee Get?

A well- planned and managed health and safety program can provide a healthy and safe environment to the employees. When the organization has employees with improved morale it will reduce the level of stress in the employees. When the risk of lawsuit and fines is reduced it will improve the well- being of employees.

What Benefits Can The Employer Get?

When the employer has a caring and positive image it will automatically enhance the self-esteem of the employees. When a company has a low rate of staff turnover it will work to increase the morale of the employees. When the absenteeism rate is reduced in a company as a result of healthy workers it will trigger job satisfaction in employees. When the productivity of the company increases it will increase skills of employees for health protection. To a company, if there is a decrease in insurance cost or health care cost it means the health of employees is improved.

Are There More Benefits?

Workers who are healthy are productive and they even bring up healthy families. Hence, having healthy workers are a key approach for overcoming the challenge of poverty. Benefits generated by workplace health promotion is great for workers who are paid comparingly low salaries specially in high-risk settings and occupations. This way inequities are reduced through occupational health intercessions.

How Does It Affect Poverty?

The risks in health are comparingly higher in industries that are small and specially in the informal sector. These are also the arenas of accomplishment on lessening of poverty, where people can actually work to escape from poverty. Sustainable development is triggered through safe workplaces which can reduce poverty.

Does It Benefit The Environment?

Safeguarding workers, surrounding atmosphere and communities for the generations to come have elements in common, such as control of pollution and reduction of exposure to chemicals and other harmful material.

How To Carry It Out Anyway?

Occupational health and safety can contribute to increasing the employability of employees. These can be done through redesigning of work place, maintaining a safe work place, retraining and training, work demand assessment, carrying out medical diagnoses, health assessment and screening of functional capacities. If you are not sure how to initiate these programs you can consult an occupational corporate health consultant.

Does It Affect Public Health?

Employee health is fundamental to the health of the public as well. As it is very obvious that diseases such as heart related diseases or even AIDS require workplace programs as strategies of disease control.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and partners have made efforts to strengthen the aspects of occupational health by focusing on employees in underserved countries and spreading the coverage with fundamental work place health services.