5 Must Try Cafes in Hobart

5 Must-Try Cafés in Hobart


Hobart is home to several cultures and traditions. It means you can try a range of foods and beverages there. Hobart is commonly known for its quiet and comfortable environment. And what can be more relaxing than having a cup of coffee in an incredible café? If you start exploring the cafes in Hobart, you’d find tons of options as there are many cafes operating in this region.

5 Must Try Cafes in Hobart

So, it can be difficult for you to find the best cafés if you’re going there for a short trip. Therefore, we’ve created a list of best cafés you must visit when you’re in Hobart. So, without wasting any time, let’s take a look at the 5 must-try cafés in Hobart.


Pigeon Hole


Pigeon Hole is a great café where you can enjoy amazing food items in a cozy environment. They provide a quick and efficient service with a delicious and healthy meal. This beautiful café is located on a hilly street. Thus, you’d be able to enjoy an incredible view while having coffee. Don’t forget to try the Polenta breakfast dish if you got a chance to visit this café.


Picnic Café

5 Must Try Cafes in Hobart

The Picnic Café offers an incredible experience with its adorable décor. They provide the food at a very student-friendly price and the food is very delicious. They use fresh and tasty ingredients to cook an incredible delicious breakfast. The couples must take a visit to this café to enjoy a romantic evening.


Dandy Lane Food & Specialty Coffee


If you’re visiting Hobart with a group of friends, this café is the best place you should visit. They offer a wide range of dishes at very reasonable rates. You’d have an incredible experience if you try the Dukkah Eggs with Spinach. You can also try several drinks at this beautiful café. We were really impressed with their service.


Harbor Lights Café

5 Must Try Cafes in Hobart

The café is best known for offering pepperoni pizza and other delicious Italian meals in Hobart. Their Burgers and sandwiches are just awesome. This restaurant is the perfect place for Vegans. The friendly staff will serve you in a professional manner.


Hamlet Hobart Café


It’s quite a beautiful café known for offering outstanding coffee and delicious food. You can enjoy a delicious meal at this café at very reasonable rates. The café regularly hosts a number of customers, therefore, you should book a table before going there.