3 Things to do During your Stay in Hobart

3 Things to do During Your Stay in Hobart


Hobart is one of the underrated areas of the world. There are tons of things the visitors can explore in this region but only a few visitors head towards this area. However, if you’ve planned to visit Hobart, you’re going to enjoy lots of fun activities there. The best part is that you can enjoy an extreme level of comfort in this beautiful area. No matter whether you’re looking to explore the stunning landscapes, warm southern hospitality, or need to breathe the cleanest air, the Hobart is the best place for you.


As we’ve mentioned above, only a few people come to visit this region every year. Therefore, you’d hardly find a guide on the internet about visiting Hobart. And the guides that are available online aren’t useful enough to help you with things you should do during your stay in Hobart. That’s why we are writing this article to provide you with proper guidance. Thus, you’d be able to make the most of your trip. So, let’s take a look at the 3 Things to do During your stay in Hobart.


MONA the Museum of Old and New Art

3 Things to do During your Stay in Hobart

MONA is an important part of the Hobart landscape that every visitor should visit during their stay in Hobart. If you’re interested in exploring the great location and impressive views, nothing can be more important than the MONA museum. It’s an outstanding art collection with amazing modern architecture and excellent restaurants.


There aren’t any labels or information sheets on the exhibits because it’s a high technology gallery. The authorities will provide you with a device during your visit that can be used to find information about a particular option. There are tons of stunning items at this museum that will leave you shocked and surprised as well.


Street Eats @ Franko

The food lovers will love taking a visit to this incredible food market. This market is an essential part of the city’s food and social culture. You can visit this market on Friday from 4 pm to 9 pm in Franklin Square. There is a wide range of food items and alcohol that you can try in this market.


Mount Wellington


This dramatic sight can offer incredible views at 1271 meters above sea level. The mountain is exposed to snowfall throughout the year, therefore, you should plan your visit accordingly. You can try several crazy activities here such as mountain biking and hiking. You can use the tour and shuttle options to reach the top of the mountain.