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Rural Tamanian Property ADs. Peruse or find ads for Tasmanian (TAS) property beyond Hobart.

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Free ads : Town and Country Property Tasmania TAS

Buy or sell *rural* property in Tasmania, Australia. Free ads.

Browse the property listings and or place a free ad.

List rural TAS homes and land for sale.

Private sales and agent listings welcomed.

Hints: For Sale by Owner Ads

• If you are considering a private sale writing a great classifieds ad can make it easy for you to sell your home privately!

• Click submit, follow the simple prompts to provide details of the town and region the property is located in and provide basic information about the property such as the no of bedrooms, bathrooms, etc

• Don’t hesitate to repeat information included in the opening prompts – the more information you provide the more likely potential buyers are to be able to find your ad on a web search and also to respond

• Write a catchy and informative headline – the first three words of your ad text becomes the headline.

• Pictures really do say a 1,000 words! Pictures increase genuine response to your ad because pictures SHOW potential buyer exactly what your property has to offer

• Give a full description of the property that includes information that potential buyers need to know: the suburb, the asking price, no of bedrooms, no of bathrooms, parking, proximity to transport, shops, schools and other local amenities

• Genuine property buyers would not hesitate to call, you may like to provide a no as a second contact option

• Do not use all caps – capitalising everything actually emphasises nothing

• Attempts to format will not work, and will only make your ad unappealing to read AND using lots of meaningless characters like or ---- for example will make your ad less findable on web searches by interested potential property buyers so stick to simple and informative ad copy

• Use the generous copy allowance fully - since you are not paying by line you can describe your property fully

• There is a very, very affordable option to upgrade an ad if you wish - upgraded ads are larger, get top billing and may contain up to 5 images

Please note that Hobart property for sale does not belong in this category and that interstate property for sale should be listed on the relevant local Exchanges.
"I advertised a home for sale.

Thank you for the free service,
Barbara A.

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